Our Values

We value Quality, Fun, Learning, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Innovation. We build top-notch software and try to foster an environment where team members are empowered and excited about what we are building.

The Co-Op Experience

We know how to run a great co-op program. In fact, most of our full time employees (at least 18!!) actually had co-ops with us. We truly want to help develop the skills that make you hire-able -- preferably by us!

We aren’t expecting you to walk in and rock our world on the first day of the job. We know you have a lot to learn, and we believe that the best way to ramp up is to start working on real projects right away. When you co-op with us, you'll be immediately placed on a team that is delivering real software to real customers.

A co-op experience with RIDGID Software Solutions will also give you experience with tons of great technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive web design, Object Oriented Programming and high level languages (e.g. C#, Java, Objective C, etc.), data persistence (e.g. Relational and Document Store/NoSQL Databases), web services, unit testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), business intelligence, big data, machine learning, and the list goes on and on!

What We're Looking For

RIDGID offers awesome co-op opportunities for students interested in doing software development (e.g. "programmers", "developers", "software engineers"). We are looking for creative individuals who enjoy collaboration, are excited about software development, who love to learn and share, and who want their work to make an impact. If you are proud to be a geek and want to work in a collaborative environment then you’ll be a great fit!

In order to maximize the co-op experience, we strongly prefer that you have more than one co-op experience with us. This enables you to get an optimal experience with different projects, technologies, and team members so you can explore the many facets of software development and discover what you really love to do.

Our Teams

You'll have a scrumtrulescent co-op experience with any one of our development teams. Whether you are working on our highly visible RIDGID.com website with Team El Toro Potatoes, or experiencing the glory of "Big Data" and Business Intelligence with Team Aquilacon, or building enterprise-grade web applications with Team Dinogorgon, you are guaranteed to be solving challenging problems for the company and our customers.

Location / Housing

The Ridge Tool Company is located at:
400 Clark Street
Elyria, OH 44035

Don't want to commute? There are a number of affordable housing options in the area. Email us at lori.somerville@emerson.com and we'll provide you with more information on available housing options.

Here's how to apply!

All you have to do is click the mysterious button below to apply!

Some Of Our Work

Industry Best Website


We are responsible for the development and design of our website representing one of the strongest, most recognized brands in the industry. With millions of visitors each year, we continue to innovate and incorporate leading-edge technology into the site.

Streaming Media Hub


The first website of its kind in our industry. An online tool for businesses to securely share jobsite collected media in a professional manner. Pushing the envelope to deliver fast and reliable streaming of video, we incorporate many popular web technologies.

Coding Like A Boss

You could be featured on the next C.L.A.B. Shirt ...


The Expys

Best Large Company Internship Nominee

In recent years, RIDGID Software Solutions has been recognized by the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education as one of the Best Large Company Internships in the area. Many of us here at RSS went through this program, believe in it, and continue to support it year after year. We are committed to helping grow the talent and development community in Northeast Ohio.